Newborns are best photographed in their first 6-10 days as this is when they are sleepy and curly, and when the mummy’s milk has come, so they are nice and settled.
Morning shoots are best for newborns, as this is when they are happiest.
Your new bundle of joy is only tiny for a short time, so what better way to capture this than with a gorgeous session.
I offer two types of sessions for newborns:

FRESH 48 SESSIONS – This type of session is typically held in the hospital with 48 hours of the arrival of your baby. It is perfect for remembering the first few days and all the special “first” moments.
IN HOME SESSIONS –  These sessions are perfect for snuggles on the lounge, kisses with their siblings, meeting their “fur” siblings and snoozing in their cot.  These sessions are held in your home and are a
documentary style session incorporating moments your first weeks together as a family.