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Why now is the perfect time for family photos!

Wondering why NOW is the perfect time for family photos? Well let me tell you 🙂

Time is  precious, we don’t know what lays around the corner or what this universe has install for us all.

I for one have never loved having my photo taken, I have a sleepy eye, my teeth are crooked, I am not a super model blah blah blah BUT last year I had to give a family photo to my son’s daycare centre and realised OMG there are hardly ANY photos with me in it. I was able to give them one that Clare Stephens from Your Life Through A Lens had taken for us about three years prior….. not exactly recent 🙂
It got me to thinking and made me really sad to think that if something happened and I was no longer around my children had hardly any full family photos with all four of us in it. So August last year I contacted my beautiful friend Gretchen Hambly from Gretchen Hambly Photography and asked her to capure some gorgeous moments for us. She took us into her beautiful world of Tintenbar just outside Byron Bay and we had some gorgeous family photos taken.
Gretchen made the experience relaxed and stress free, she captured us just the way we are, a beautiful family of four. They are images that my kids love to look back at and we have printed them and have them on display in our home.

So the whole point to my story is NOW is perfect because you are perfect just the way you are!!

Capture the memories that your children remember and don’t let it be a case of “where is mum in this photo” or “why did dad never have photos with us”, even though you may be uncomfortable at the thought of having your photo taken remember that those you are taking them for WILL LOVE THEM.

So please don’t let any of the following excuses or the ones I have not thought of stop you from capturing those moments that your children deserve to have, the first two are the most common objections I get when people think of booking a session:

“I need to loose those last few kilos!” – yep we have all been here!! You know what stuff those kilos the kids will not remember the number on the scales, they will remember their beautiful mother or father who loves them dearly.
” {Insert Dads name here” won’t want to do this” – {insert Dads name here} you are not doing it for you you are doing it for your kids!!!!!!!!!
“No one wants a photo of me!” – really ask your children, they totally want photos of you and them together.
“I hate having my photo taken.” – me too BUT i promise it will not be painful and you will not notice me take half the photos you receive.

So stop thinking about why YOU don’t want to have photos taken and think what those photos may mean to someone who gets to look at those photos!!

Now is the perfect time to book a session so call me 0474 488 772 or head over and book through my website, I can’t wait to photograph you really soon.

Below are some of our treasured images from our session with Gretchen from Gretchen Hambly Photography, thanks again to our beautiful friend we will be back again soon to get some updates 🙂


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